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  • Green Wave
  • Evening at the Harbor
  • Dessert
  • Dream within a Dream
  • Gertrude's House
  • Judith
  • The Boats (II)
  • Nude
  • Cape Ayja
  • The Autumn Still-life
  • Autumn is Nearing its End
  • Sunlit Courtyard
  • The Kremlin Embankment in February
  • Bolshaya Ordynka Street
  • A Rainy Day in Moscow
  • Sretenka
  • The Abandoned Garden
  • Frost
  • Morning in May
  • Summer in the Garden
  • The Artist's Life
  • Morning in Vienna
  • From the Russian History
  • Still-life with Jasmin
  • Autumn Mystery
  • Japanese Landscape
  • Paris. 4 Chestnut Trees Square in the Latin Quarter.
  • Enchanted Wisdom (Heron)
  • Autumn, Rowan-tree
  • Holy Wives of Rus
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About Gallery

Dear art lovers,

presenting this page, I would like to open the door not only to the Allrus Gallery, but to some extend to my soul.

I am still supposed to be a truly happy person. Sailing through the sea of life I have reached the so-called mature age, gained a certain life experience and created my own business. Having fulfilled (perhaps, not completely) a typical man's triple programme (children, trees, houses), I found myself in the magic land of painting...

At the turn of the century, starting to acquire works of Russian artists for home interiors, I soon realised that nothing could stop me from visiting art exhibitions and museums around the world, artists' studios with their special atmosphere and smell of oils. Moreover, I realized how interesting and important it is for me to support modern Russian masters of the brush. I kept on developing the collection and at the same time I started to exhibit it within the framework of various art projects and exhibitions of the Allrus Gallery in Russia and Europe, producing simultaneously catalogues and other accompanying materials.

I am proud of the artists’ warm and interested attitude to our gallery and to me personally. It would be wrong to say that the Allrus Gallery “works” with artists – no, we're friends, really good friends. We meet not only in Russia, but now also in Austria and Italy carrying out plein air sessions for our future exhibitions Austria through the eyes of modern Russian Artists and Dolce Napoli-XXI respectively.

The Allrus Gallery is planning new art projects and further growing of its collection. And not only by adding works of the masters, already included in our pool. The doors of the gallery are open to new names and different art schools.

Welcome to the Allrus Gallery!


Roman Fedchin